Tanja Jost is a 37 year old trained and experienced nursery school teacher. She also teaches German at a Saturday school and has a Bachelor qualification in Social Work.

Tanja speaks four languages fluently (Luxembourgish, German, French & English) and has a DBS check. She has over 15 years’ experience working with and interacting with bilingual children. Tanja has worked for over 10 years’ as a nursery school teacher in Luxembourg and an additional three years in London (two of those as a nursery manager).

Tanja has learned her additional languages between the age of six and 13 years' old. She truly appreciates how challenging it can be to learn a new language but how helpful it is for life and this personal experience and insight aids her in teaching others.

She is very student focused and works with the skills of the individual. She adapts her teaching style to the child or adult she works with.

She wants to teach children and adults the enjoyment of learning a new language and will focus on what they need to learn and how they can improve their skills.

Given Tanja has spent significant time working with bilingual children and she uses her four languages every day, she understands the thought process in a bilingual child/adult and why it might be very challenging sometimes.

Tanja Jost
Tanja Jost


Student focused, fluent in French, English, German, Luxembourgish


Tanja offers language sessions across a five mile radius of Borough / London Bridge and online (via Skype).

During a typical session, she would speak and interact with the child or adult in one of the languages quoted above. The aim of the class is to be educational, yet fun and interactive, so the child or adult learns naturally and comfortably within a structured environment. Lessons for children usually involve speaking about different topics that spark the child’s interest, reading stories and singing together which improves the child’s language skills and also their confidence.

Tanja can also teach adults and adapt sessions to the child's and adult's needs


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