From time to time I organise Baking group sessions.
(They are mostly in German but you can also book them for other languages)
Sometimes it is for a specific topic (Easter, Christmas…), a specific group (Thursday classes) or individual children that I teach regularly and they want to do a bit of a different session.

Baking with a group:
When I am baking with a group of children, they very often have different levels of German. So the class is often English/German. The basics will only be in German but all the important ingredients, weights…. will be repeated in English and German. Depending on the age of the children I also write grams in the chat.

Baking with individual children:
I also bake with children I see every week in one-to-one sessions. Sometimes they ask me if we could do a baking session and with those children I always adapt the session. If their level is good enough to read a whole German recipe, then we’ll choose a German one. With some of those children I also only use German, if that is how our usual sessions are. As all my one-to-one sessions, they are totally tailored to the individual child.

Baking with children and their parents:
Sometimes parents join for the Baking sessions. Some do this because the children need help, others want to improve their own language skills and some just enjoy baking with their child.
Everyone is welcome as long as the children get to do most of the baking and talking 😉

Baking and waiting time:
We always start with checking our ingredients and baking tools.
Then we start baking and while the cakes/cookies are in the oven we play a game, listen to a song or listen to a story. In between we always run back to our ovens to check what it looks like. Most of the times we manage to finish before the sessions end and we can show each other our results.

May 2023