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Past sessions

Tanja’s Tips and Tricks for Zoom Sessions
Do you want to find out how Tanja is teaching on Zoom, which tools she uses and how she motivates children to participate and also use Zoom tools.

Tanja’s Tips and Tricks for Zoom Sessions (English)

Tanja‘s Tipps und Tricks für Zoom Unterricht (Deutsch)

Tanja’s Tips and Tricks for Zoom Sessions (French)


Tanja’s Story time Workshop

Using English books in a German session! (or any other language)
Tanja prefers to tell stories during her sessions instead of reading them. This helps her to be more creative, more flexible and can involve children better into story time by improvising and flexibility!
She is telling stories this way since working in nursery in Luxembourg. At the time very few children’s books were translated into Luxembourgish so she really didn‘t have much choice as to use books in a different language than the one spoken in the nursery. Since then she has found many positive aspects of telling instead of reading a story.

Would you be interested in a ‚Story time‘ workshop, where she will share her experience and her ways of telling stories with books in different languages?