Often parents ask me how they can get their children to use the target language so here are some tips I give them:

  • Change Netflix to the target language
  • No pressure (on yourself or the children)
  • Repetition of the adult instead of asking the child to repeat the word
  • Speak your language even if your child replies in another
  • Offer books
  • Try to read books in the target language without mentioning the language
  • Name things over the day in your language
  • Ask grandparents to zoom/call and speak the target language
  • Games in the target language and say “this game can only be played in that language” 
  • “Forget words” and ask your child if they remember
  • Tell them you need to speak this language otherwise you’ll forget, the child doesn’t need to speak it, only you

I know these things are not always easy to put into practice. But instead of trying all of these at once, choose one and see how it goes.
If you want to have a chat about these tips and maybe discuss your situation with me, do not hesitate to contact me via email.

February 2023