On Saturday, 23rd December 2023 I will organise a Christmas baking session in German on Zoom (9.30-10.30am UK time).

We will bake, sing, maybe play a game and read a little story (if time allows it).

Children with any Level of German and any age can join. I will speak mostly German but will repeat things in English if necessary. Children under the age of 5years need to be suprervised at all times. Parents are welcome to join their children.

Extra Info:
I will accept 7 screens for this session and it will be £15/screen. 
Siblings can join on the same screen. 
During this session we will speak about ingredients, sizes, weights and many more things….
We will go through the recipe together, check if we have all we need and then start with baking.

If you are interested, please fill out this form

The recipe will be sent nearer the time

Come and join me!