TJEducation was created in 2017 by Tanja.
She is a trained nursery school teacher with a BA in Social Work.
She has always worked with multilingual children. After finishing her training she worked in Luxembourg for over ten years in a nursery and then moved to London, where she worked in the German Kindergarten as a nursery school teacher and as a manager.
She also worked as a teacher in the Deutsche Samstagsschule Greenwich and after her move to York still works with them as a team leader.

In 2017 Tanja decided to create her own business combining her knowledge of languages and her experience working with the children.
She visited children in their London homes to teach languages in her own, special way. She also worked with children online from the beginning, these children were in Japan.
When the Pandemic started it was easy for Tanja and her students to meet online, via Zoom. Everyone adapted quickly to the situation. After Lockdown the parents and Tanja were still very happy to continue online sessions and so TJEducation stayed online. Which gives the opportunity to teach children and adults all over the world.
TJEducation has currently students in England, Wales, Germany, Switzerland, Germany and Japan.

Last year TJEducation’s team grew. The team includes tutors, from all over the world, including France, Luxembourg, United Kingdom and Switzerland.