TJEducation offers language sessions for children (2+) and adults.

The most important during TJEducation‘s language sessions is fun. This has an even bigger importance during the sessions with children between 2 and 6years.

Tanja uses the interests of the children and their own toys to create a nice and positive learning environment. Therefore, Tanja visits the children in their own home.

‚Learning through play‘ is key of the sessions. Tanja plays with the children during the session in a very educational way. She repeats the words in the required language over and over, without asking the child to repeat these words, as this can lead to frustration and disinterest. Tanja picks up what the child says and translates the words and sentences to the required language. This way she does not correct the child but shows an other way to say the same in another language. E.g. if the child has a German session and says ‚This is a dog’, Tanja answers ‚Ja, das ist ein Hund’. Tanja always shows a positive attitude towards the child, the learning environment and the language.

A lot of vocabulary will be learnt through play situations e.g. if the child likes to play with farm animals, the session will be focused on the animal names.

During the individual sessions, the child will learn the language much easier, as the sessions are tailored around her/his interests and the child will learn without realising it.

For the older children, Tanja brings different activities to the sessions, which allow voluntary participation from the child. This can be a game, creating a collage etc. These activities are always an option and can be used during the whole session or as part of it, always depending on the child, mood and interest on that day.

Tanja also uses Youtube-videos (children songs) to learn new songs with the children. They always watch the videos together, talk about it and try to remember the new words. A lot of children remember the lyrics easily and learn a lot of new vocabulary through these songs.

If you are interested in booking a session for your child (or yourself) or need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

April 2018