One year TJEducation

TJEducation started about a year ago as a little business that Tanja created to show children and adults that languages are fun.

We had a great year with children and adults, learning French, English and German. We want to continue this success and hope to get even more likes on our FB-page, more followers of our monthly Newsletter and keep our current as well as gain new members in the future.

Tanja started her own business after having worked for 14 years as a nursery school teacher and having recently finished her Bachelor of Arts in Social Work. She wanted a change in career taking her likes and skills into consideration.

She always loved teaching children and done so as part of her career (mostly bilingual children). Having learnt 4 languages herself as a child, she thought putting these skills together would be a wonderful idea. She uses her 4 languages regularly and understands very well how challenging it can be to learn a new language, but also how useful it is for life and this personal experience is beneficial for herself and her students.

Tanja enjoys working on a one to one basis as she is very student focused and works with the skills of the individual. She adapts her teaching style to the student she works with and tailors every session to every student. Tanja uses the interests of the children and their own toys to create a nice and positive learning environment and therefore visits the children in their own home. Each adult also has different needs and ways of learning. Therefore, Tanja discusses at the beginning of the sessions what the individual expects and how they like to learn.

Tanja’s aim is to teach children and adults the enjoyment of learning a new language and will focus on what each person needs to learn and how they can improve their skills.

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Thank you for your interest in TJEducation.

July 2018