German sessions with Doreen

Monday, 22nd August and Tuesday, 23rd August  9-10am (UK time)

This session will be about the topic “Deutsche Redewendungen und Sprichwörter” (German phrases and idioms).
In this workshop they are going to read German phrases and idioms, the children will give a good guess what they think the phrases and idioms might mean and they will then talk about the real meaning. They will also talk about the two main differences between phrases and idioms, it’s the same as in English and they will learn about their very funny but false English translations.
At the end of each session they will play a little game.

The group will be limited to 8 children/screens. Siblings can join and use the same screen.
This class will be for children from 8years and the children must have a good understanding of German. 

Price: £30/screen for the 2days (£15/day)
Register here
Registration Deadline: Saturday 20th August 2022            

Get in touch if you are interested or have any questions.